"You're Going to Make Me Cry"

8 x 8 study - oil on canvas


I absolutely LOVE bitches!! Nasty bitches! You know...............bitches with attitude! With high spike heels! With lots of makeup and lots of skin! Bitches who aren't afraid of what people think of them! I've been known to chase them around in bars, coffee shops, department stores, wherever I see one I want to photograph. No, I'm not gay...............I just love bitches.............what can I say? And here's the thing: I'm Not a Bitch Myself!! Close....but not really a true bitch.

My compulsion to get photos of bitches to paint has gotten me thrown out of many places in and around the Seattle area. I've been thrown out of Nordstrom, Starbucks, and lots of different bars! But it doesn't deter me.......I just keep my camera handy and when I see a great looking bitch I'm right on it! "Stop the car. Back up. Turn around. Let me out." If my husband is with me, he tries to make excuses: "Oh, she's an artist. She just wants something to paint." "Honey. Leave the poor girl alone. Let's go." He should know me by now, we've been married more than 30 years! AND what I love is: MOST BITCHES ARE HAPPY TO HAVE YOU TAKE THEIR PHOTO!!! Some will even give you several hours of free modeling right there on the spot!! Even so, my motto is: 'take a photo or two first and ask later'........ just in case they say no, or want to smile stiffly for the camera. Just one candid shot of a bitch can make my whole day worthwhile!!

I have a friend, Patty Forte Linna, who loves the same thing I love to paint, but paints the whole scene with the bitch in it rather than focusing on just the bitch, so we're partners in crime many times and sometimes spend a night at a downtown hotel just to take photos for a couple of days. We've never been disapppointed! There are bitches everywhere! Tall and thin is best! With long long legs. And if they aren't gorgeous, I make them that way with my paint brush. They just need to have the freedom and the attitude that comes with being a bitch.

The painting above is of Kerry, a friend of my daughter. She has the perfect attitude that says "I look great! Here I am! Even if she knows there's a little imperfection here or there...........it doesn't change that fabulous attitude she has. OK, I didn't want to do it, but I'll call her the B word. In fact, I think she may even like it!

"Take me Somewhere"

8 x 10 study - oil on canvas

Today I begin my new blog with three new paintings. I will post more two or three times a month. Or not. Don't hold me to it. I'll do what I can. Visit my website to see my other girlfriends:  http://www.pepperpeterson.com/


8 x 8 study - oil on canvas

I gave you a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. These bitches are worth getting thrown out of Nordstrom!!