Art and Drama

I'm forever killing two birds with one stone.  (What an awful metaphor.....I would never kill a bird under any circumstances....or any other living thing....especially myself....... but I am getting off the track.)  So......when I was in the neighborhood of the Daniel Smith Art Supply store for another reason, I stopped in to buy even more art supplies I couldn't paint without!  Maybe a different brush would help........or different colors of paint.........maybe new sizes of canvas perhaps?  While browsing slowly (this time I wasn't in a hurry) up and down the aisles, my cell phone rang and it was my artist friend Patty.  I told her where I was and said "I don't even know why I'm here."  "Why am I buying more art supplies?"  "What for?"  "I'm getting worse - not better."  "I may as well just quit painting."  "I may as well kill myself!"

At that point, I felt a hand on my arm and a voice saying "Excuse me...You are being very disruptive!  Do you mind taking your call outside?"

Immediately I thought, oh no!  Not again!  Then I thought (but didn't say) "yeah! - sure! - like you never heard other artists express themselves before!"  " How could an artist not have compassion for another artist?"  Then, as I walked toward the door telling Patty to hold on.....I have to go outside.......I began to feel embarassment.  Should I go back in and pay for the things in the basket?  Can I ever go back in again?  I guess I have to if I want that new paint and if that new paint is going to take me to another level, I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!

So, with chin up, as if I were totally normal, I swallowed my pride and went back in to purchase the supplies which now, looking back, I realize didn't miraculously take me to another level and, in fact, I can't even remember what those supplies were.

Several weeks later, when I wanted some more drugs.......I mean supplies, I was willing to take my chances on being recognized as the crazy lady that they were going to have to keep an eye on.  Patty and I, together this time, walked right in like regular people and began putting drugs (supplies) into our baskets.

Patty, who thought the whole thing was very funny, brought it up with the person at the counter who was perfectly willing to reenact the whole thing for her on camera as if she were filming a documentary!  And, as if I weren't dramatic enough all by myself, he got right into it!!  Enjoying himself with his sadistic sense of humor! 

This is the photo of me being thrown out of Daniel Smith by the evil art clerk.  And all this just because I threatened to kill myself!  Give me a break.......what aritst hasn't done that?  Aren't they used to it by now?  They should hear me when I really get going!

Special Necklace

This is a new model for me, Lauren.  She really has blonde hair but I just felt like painting her hair red.  Maybe it's because I have red hair and I like it!  I put her in my necklace.  So let's color necklace......but that's where the similarities end.......unfortunately.