Genius IQ

Patty and I took a long drive up to Anacortes to pick up some of our paintings. On the way we decided to write our paragraph for the website we have together, She wrote while I drove. As we talked and bounced ideas off each other, and our ideas got better and better, we decided that together we have a genius IQ. I’m not saying that either one of us is dumb all by ourselves. Not by a long shot. In fact we each think we’re pretty smart. I’m just saying that added together our IQ is probably off the charts. Mensa material!

We can think of the most ingenious marketing plans. Like getting a glass trailer or motorhome and pulling it around while we live in it and park it in the middle of the city and start painting so everyone can see us. What. You don’t think that’s genius? What about painting women in bikinis in Nordstrom or Macy’s window? Who’s done that? What about us living in a glass room on a billboard while we paint? What about a TV art reality show? If we got a contract from someone we could and would actually do all the stuff we think up.

I’m serious.

Our paintings are better because of each other. We get stuck on something and ask each other to give a critique. It’s always so helpful. Some little thing we didn’t see that makes the painting so much better. Like: “I don’t understand why her arm is coming out of her head.” And although I know that her arm is coming out of her shoulder, I will know that I need to define it better. Just that simple. Genius!

Yes we have a fabulous collaboration, Patty and I. Hopefully every artist can find a friend to form a bond and help each other to achieve a genius IQ.

Helpful hints to look for:

You have to admire their work. It won’t help you if their work sucks.
You have to like them. What good would it be to have someone you don’t like bugging you all the time?
You have to want the same things out of life. #1 on the list should be to have fun. Family should be second. To be a great artist should be somewhere around third on the list.

That's all it takes to call yourself a genius.

I love the sound of it: GENIUS! That’s me! (and Patty)