Sing Along

This is Kerry again with my daughter, Lori.  I hesitate to use the B word here, but .............whatever!  (Don't let the sweet looks fool you.)  Anyway, they'll  have to fight over this painting.........they both want it! 

Devil or Angel?

When I finished this painting, I didn't look at her again until the next day.  From a distance, she looked like one arrogant bitch!  But as I walked closer, her facial expression changed and she became sweet and almost angelic!  Freaky!  It's almost as if she has two personalities.  Maybe she's a Gemini! 

My New Baby

This is a little off the art track, but we are bringing
a new baby home next week when she's old enough to come and live here.  Her name is Ruby Begonia.  She's a toy poodle with attitude!  She can join my
other bitches!  Isn't she fabulous?

What Makes You Think I Care?

Now This is a true Bitch!!  What attitude!  I just love her.